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At Complete Drainage we have been carrying out sewer connections successfully and other pipe related projects for over 10 years. We have worked with a large number of clients ranging from small jobs to complex projects.

As we operate in this area of expertise we are aware of the various pitfalls and can help simplify your sewer connection process, satisfying both the requirements and standards of the local authorities and the waste water authorities. We have an excellent understanding of how the industry works and the responsibilities we hold. Working closely with local authorities, we can take care of the entire process from start to finish.

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With years of experience behind us, we can provide a range of professional and competitive solutions to suit any individual requirement. Our experts can offer you reliable advice and support.

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Sewer Connections - What is Required?

Applying and carrying out a sewer connection is a tortuous process with many steps involved. To simplify this we have broken the process down into several steps.


Apply to the local Water Authority for a connection

This will involve drawings, postcode or grid reference and method statements plus a fee payable.


Permission from the local Highways Authority to enter highway (whether road, footpath or verge)

This will require:

  • Traffic Management Proposals
  • Supervisors and Operatives NRSWA Accreditation
  • £10m Public Liability Insurance
  • Permission from the relevant Waste Water Authority for the connection
  • Evidence of a search to indicate the presence or not of statutory undertakers plant and equipment


A Service Search

This involves writing to all of the likely Statutory Authorities to ask them to examine their databases and indicate whether or not their equipment is present in the area. Some undertakers charge for this service

- £50 per charging Authority is a good budgetary figure.

Drainage Networks We Have Worked On

Southern Water
Wessex Water
Thames Water
Welsh Water

All of the above is time consuming, frustrating and requires constant chasing. The minimum suggested time scale for this is 4 weeks, but in practise most Highway Authorities take longer. Give us a call today and our expert team can help you with sewer connections and other pipe related projects.

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